What does Art mean to you?

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What does Art mean to you?

Posted in : Uncategorised on by : Brendan Walsh Comments:

As I write my blog it crossed my mind I know what art means to me but I really don’t know what it .mean to you , YOU the valued reader? I will address that question in a while. Firstly my name is Brendan and I am an artist blacksmith

working in the republic of Ireland . My website is ‘brendansforge.com’  I have spent my working life in the pursue  of something that it is difficult to describe .What I do know with certain is that I do what I do because I need and must do    it . I creates items that I consider pleasant to the eye .People buy the items ,and they are very pleased, all’s well ,but what drives the need to make and own art -craft.

To  buy a piece of art or craft is to buy to own a part of the artist or craft person?   why . Most people would answer that they like looking at it . This means that the object touches a good feeling in themselves and in so the buyer has made a connection with the artist .

Confusing  is manifest among the artist family and i am not excluded from this problem. I started my working life learning the trade of iron  work ,this became ornamental craft ,craft seems to become art. I also work in oil painting and sculpting clay into bronze .As the picture shows I have recently began to work with bronze into jewalery.  At what stage of this process craft became art i simple don’t know and what direction to go??? It is now 2019 and the world and the blacksmith have moved on  and the world and the artist has moved on 

Ch.me out @ wwwbrendansforge.com

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