The new Blacksmith

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The new Blacksmith

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In modern times the title  ‘blacksmith’  has a very different understanding.  The  image  of  the smith shoeing a horse  in an antiquated forge is a  picture from the past.  The blacksmith still worked with the same basic materials and tools,  shaping metal on an anvil  and hammering it into shapes under extreme  heat.  This essential activity has been so for thousand of years and will probably  be  forever.

The blacksmith has today gained the title of artist and this magical name has unleashed a flood of creativity.  More materials are now used to extend the artistic/craft horizon.  This modern blacksmith, in many aspects today   works in a shadow lands of  craft and art and this tension caused  by the artisan marrying the artist and   with both produce beauty and this is the result 

something new.

No longer restricted by the political  correctness of the past the artist is free to avail of modern material  and technology.  Today you can see polished bronze with forged steel  living together in an abstract piece of art.  For the world a new art form has arrived and as for the blacksmith there are no limits.

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