Buy a blacksmith piece and invest in the future.

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Buy a blacksmith piece and invest in the future.

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Wall Lamp

This is Brendan Walsh, an Irish blacksmith/artist. I am making a case for the support of the Irish blacksmith and the blacksmiths generally. Thanks to the speed of modernity, technology and science, the ‘smith’ has become redundant. In the short space of time (relatively ) what was the most important craft service in the country has become invisible.

As the last blacksmiths “leave the scene” an important part of Irish culture will disappeared forever. In the past, every village and town had at least one blacksmith operating in the “forge. In many cases  “the Forge”  was the center or hum of social activity and in many cases the “smith”  was the  ‘high priest’.

Stories about the forge and the smith are to be found in all levels of Irish society. The blacksmith was a very respected person in the area , not only could he or she (yes there were women blacksmiths) shoe the horse and pony but they were often possessed with cures of various ills. The cure of warts is the best known of these.

This is only a taste of the long story of the blacksmith and what they contributed to Irish life.

Over the next period of time I intend writing a short piece on the subject and unashamedly I will be showing a video of my work with the hope of attracting clients. Thank you for reading this, I welcome comments.

Brendan Walsh (Blacksmith)

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