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Writing whats it all about….

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A subscriber post an interesting set of questions om my blogging the last few days.He asks things like (I am not quoting him),What is a successful blog? what makes a successful blog.Is it the number of comments you encourage into the words? Do you talk about any thing that takes your fancy.Is it the money that you make on your blog/site, or is it something else completely different? I think that it is that and many more things which apples to the selling and the complete picture that is the Internet industry as a whole.
I personally believe that the core of continue blogging is a love of writing and the window to express yourself without any restrictions as such.
Despite the interaction that’s available to people in this ‘global village’ that we live in,and the social media at our fingertips ,something is missing? This is new ,the human cannot deal with it,there is nothing in the brain or mind ever envisioned what has happened.Yet the human invented it? Are we conscience on some level that ,despite the evidence of freemen that we are prisoners in our own trap? but this itself is but the tip of the iceberg?

The continues writing,venting almost, is it a symptom of something other that really is beyond our realm.Am i pushing it to far to suggests the dreaded ‘finite scream’. The mental health people and the jury in general are out on the verdict. Small wonder we are unable to pinpoint any thing that is wrong with the computer world ,and all that is the believable benefit it brings terrible destructive.The universities are aiming at a paperless college.When any one takes an argument against there is an argument against .We proclaim a new piece of news ,and it is already old hat on Google ,yet we keep writing. Our brain cannot store all the information is available,so why,why,why.

There are many questions as to why we are as we are and are becoming, and yet despite our best efforts we don’t know.Perhaps we have overshot the capacity or ability to deal with not been in control and perhaps we (the ordinary people) only know to keep doing what is in front of us and that is to operate /exist within the new reality.The new man and woman are a high technological construction and without been aware are in the power of this dynamic.
A combination of high technology and research becomes the new fact and how we aught live is determined by this new social fact.Let me qualify this.Government and multinational companies provide universities with huge research finances to invest and the findings are crunched and often become facts.These facts are than given back to the multinational companies to decide.
this decision nay result in a new pill to treat a particular disease.It may result in a rocket to space to improve the eye in the sky ,teleology, to spy on us? At this point the money,our money,is fed into the science and technology to product the goods.Well you might think whats the problem with that? Perhaps there is nothing wrong or right with this and we can only do what we do. I would argue that ,as the most power countries are structured,it is the future.

So it would assume that we are both driven and led by science and technologically (more knowledge needed)and the promise of democracy has not been kept,and perhaps that is to simple. The economy is market driven and the market will sell anything you want or need,so what is the problem with this? I am tempted to answer my own question by saying that there is no problem and that is the problem? I have the feeling that I am digging a hole that I am not equip to get out of it and I should quit at this stage before I begin to confuse myself.

What I really set out to examine is where are the individual in all this? It seems to be that the people, you and I,operate no longer as an independent unit and have been (willingly) bought and sold.Has the uniqueness of the individual been comprised to modernity? These and many more questions need to be address,and this bring me back to where I started,are we blogging to write a way out of this ‘choke of comfort’ which is suffocating us,and in the comparative safety of “Plato’s cave”.

It would remiss of me to bring this area any further as I may be doing exactly what I am warning against. I will close the debate ,if debate it is, with a note of optimist and that is we are a part of evolution and nature will not be denied.That is one consideration .The second is that change is the one thing that is constant and inevitable .Migrants are fleeing from so called failed nations and human borders are been ignored.The weather is changing and the whole food source are under pressure.

What will be the outcome of these huge universal happenings I don’t know ,and few if any do,but change it will and we will go on. The human species have been around for million of years and I have the idea we will continue, why? because the part of the human being called the spirit survives all attack and i personally am depended on, happy blogging?


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