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Who are we ………………….?

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Who are we? This question has been puzzling people for thousands of years.Ancient Greek thinkers from Thales in the 6th.centenary bse up to Descartes(1563-1640)in the 16teenth century. The same question were always important who are we and where did we come from. The Greeks and particularly Aristotle Plato and Socrates dominated the philosophical landscape of the Western world. Their footprints can be traced to this present day. These questions which concern ultimate reality I would argue as pertinent today as they were in the ancient past.I suppose the answer to most people is “we are the children of Gods love.” to philosophical inquiry this answer ,although perhaps true,in itself,is not enough.The philosopher seeks to answer these questions,as do scientists, by logic.

I will try to keep this assay simple as I suspect the majority of readers are using a second language,and as the subject is difficult enough for those who speak and read the English language,a second language is really hard to follow and understand.So I will try and keep it simple and understandable.

There are two starting points,or two answers which can be examined in order to begin the inquiry,and they are One that the universe began as it claimed in the Bible, Genesis ,”God made the world” and second that the universe always was,both answers are incomplete and yet have merit.

We will firstly look at the answer that “God made the world” and examine that logic we can find to support this theory. Every thing comes from somewhere and all things have a beginning (or have they),well for the subject in hand let us follow this assumption as true. So God made the world and this is the beginning of time . In the Book of Moses commonly known as Genesis ch. 1 p.1 “In the beginning God made the heavens and the earth,the earth was without form and void,and darkness was upon the face of the deep,and the spirit of God was moving across the face of the waters.” (revived standard version p.1)
This beautiful piece of Bibliography is a section of the oldest writings in existence and the foundation of the three monolithic religions Christianity,Islam and Jewish.The first book of Moses carries the promise of the whole belief system of the three world religion, and the true version of how the world began.Although bathed in myths and legends the bible is still the biggest bestsellers in written history,and is not,rather a book to read ,rather a journey and continuously re interpreted.Finely as the argument for God let us claim that The story of the world from the beginning is (as told in the Bible)is a convincing one ,but not as taken from the first reading ,it takes a process of Bible studies and a leap of faith to begin to get an understanding ,and a strong believe.

Before we go to the second theory that the world is a continues evolution process and as such it always is an ongoing mystery .?Let us evaluate the processes so far.The most unconvinced ,or atheist can explain the concept of eternity ,because the universe had a beginning ,because nothing that is exist on the theory of motion and motion start and finish.I moves because it is moved .what or who was the first mover.(st. Thomas Aquinas 1225-74 ;Aquinas Selected Philosophical Writings.

This argument is from the school of thought that there is no God and the universal that exists,and it exists as a scientific process which started from the theory of the ‘big bang’. I am not an expert so I will be making scientific statements which it would be advisable to check up on.
Having said that I accept there was a big bang and it did seem to cause something into motion ,this was according to the accepted theory,a process after time formed the planets or it least the Earth.At the center or core of this argument is the problem of matter from nothing ,in other wards where does the matter come from to cause a big bang .Scientist argue that this is simply a problem that as yet unexplained similar to all the other problems that went before.

One thing comes out from this discussion.That this argument brings up more questions than answers.The origins of the universe will perhaps remain a unanswered puzzle . I have a question which I find and this is ,when the universe is finished,and all ,or most scientists say it will, ends.What does this mean .How can it end ,OK the planets can be destroyed and there is left only nothing. What is nothing?

I would encourage debate ?

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