Where have all the flowers gone?

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Where have all the flowers gone?

Posted in : Uncategorised on by : Brendan Walsh Comments:

363D9CAFWhere are the promises of youth gone, were they a mythical story told to modified us into believing that if we were good and adherent to the the ten commandments (Christian)that life would be happy and bountiful.
Well life is not a honey pot. Life and the people in general who live it, will comply to the evidence as to the fact that life is a tough passage and with very few variations. So with that ‘rant’ said I will return to the start. What happened to the belief that life, and the human kind in particular, were made in the “Imagine and likeness of God”(Catholic) and as so could expect to be treated with respect and dignity. I believe that not only the Christian family believed this but also the Muslims and Jews.This care for the human beings was shared with the three main Monolithic religion.

On this day the 29th of January 2016, approx. twenty people, ten of them children were pulled out of the sea dead, in seek of a better life for themselves. This is a small examine as the people become desensitized by the recurring disasters. A political minister was reported making a statement regarding the refugees situation, “throw them back into the sea” so again I ask, what is happening? Why are the leaders of the free world not in unity with others on solving the problem.In “the holy land” the East,tens of thousands of people have been blown to bits in the name of either God or a some twisted political idolize.At the moment the landscape of the territories of Iraq and Syria and surroundings are looking like a scene out of “the old testament” in the Bible.In many cases the mindset are the same.

It seems to me that the world today is at the beginning of the most dangerous period since the outbreak out of the last war.The dangers between the two conflicts are similar in many ways but the political agendas are markedly different.The last world war was ,comparably simple.I say comparably because no world conflict is simple ,war is a completion of a serous of events which the politicians failed to resolve.The last world is no exception.
History can argue that the two great wars had their origins is the “French revolution”. This was in Europe the words and the call for “the rights of man” were heard with a bloody answer.In this was the beginning of the end of the old order and the birth pains of the new. At this time in history the world,particularity Europe were ruled by monarchical family’s who were intermarried for many generations
The monarchy were to the ordinary people holders of God like status and answer only to God himself,and by the way God was a male.When this ‘divine like’ authority was challenged and overthrow it was irreversible and the call for freedom echoed all over the known world included America.

From this time on and for perhaps the next hundred years the seed was growing .What grew from this seedling were words (and deeds)like The rights of the individual,or ‘the rights of man’ freedom of choice the end of slavery and many more.It was difficult for the peoples (and for the rulers) to understand this term in the eighteenth century. This was a strange phenomenon ,how could an empire without its royal family, with out the King and Queen rule such a large dynasty possibly succeed.In 1914 the bubble bust and Europe was at war .This was known as the “Great War” or the first world war ,in my opinion it was neither? When it finished in 1918 the royal family’s of Europe were demoted and Europe were in the process of re drawing the borders. Like most human attempts the divisions of Europe was crude and without thought for old boundaries and the lines often were cut through ancient borders thus often leaving many groups of people on the wrong side of the line.In a decade or so later those redrawn borders were to return to haunt the architects and the world were drawn into another universal conflict.

Are we ‘hell bent’ on destroying the human race or will we pull back from the edge and begin a conversation on the basic need ,human dignity.

I will finish with a line from a 1960 anti war song.”When will they ever learn,when will they ever learn”


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