What am I doing ?

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What am I doing ?

Posted in : Uncategorised on by : Brendan Walsh Comments:

I am a hard working Artist/blacksmith/craftsman.and I have a full order book ,so what am iI doing writing long blogs to people that I will never know or meet .Well I am intelligent enough to know the answer and I am not so certain that I like the answer.I am doing it because I need to.Why do I need to? Well I will try and answer it in public.I will let you, the public,be the jury and ex-acuter.

OK the answer is that I write because I need to do it.I need it because I am driven by a nervous /anxious system which will not leave me with peace until I do or say what it is I need to say or do. Nothing comes from nowhere . This is a physiological fact and my anxiety is no exception .My anxiety is a direct affect of the life I lived ,or were forced to live.
This life was not all bad or good but it did plant misleading information on my young blank sheet or mind. The social general leaves me that I cannot say anything good about it,or them.

Having said this I must redress the social equilibrium. The people that were responsible for the shaping of the agents in their charge were only acting out of what they had learned,and the dysfunctional system goes on and on,or does it?

OK I can change ,I can reverse the negative and achieve positive,I can beat the system. Physiologists say that the first step on this journey is to admit that something is not right and the second is to educate ourselves on the subject and lastly to tell on it.
So there you are ,that is what I am,or more accurately,a part of who I am
and that’s what I need to do,wish me well?

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