View from the high stool ?

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View from the high stool ?

Posted in : Uncategorised on by : Brendan Walsh Comments:

A retired British officer once told me that Guinness has done for Ireland what Opium has done for China. It was many years later that the full implication of this statement had for me and perhaps for Ireland.I was to learn later that my friend ,the soldier, had been involve in many missions all over China ,and he was also a,what I would refer to as ,an amateur social researcher.His remark,or perhaps his research, implies that Opium,like Guinness, had been and perhaps still is a social anesthetize.

I am reluctant to show Ireland as a nation consisting of a population in a permanent state of intoxication,well sorry Ireland it seems according to European stats, we are?. Alcohol is as much to the Irish culture as Gaelic football and music.Because of the romanticize and glamorized perspective of alcohol,the terrible price is been paid for this delusion . Successively exercised by the advertising companies ensures that the fatalities on the Irish road will remain high.

Every year this subject comes up and every year we do the same,i something think there are no answers. Sure is [huge_it_portfolio id=”1″]ent it terrible altogether??? .I may return to this subject later.

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