This dangerous world we live in…

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This dangerous world we live in…

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I have returned to the old chestnut ,the problem of identity and all that it entails .In the world we live today it has taken on a new urgency .Wars are been fought, people are been killed and lives destroyed in the name of some one some one or some cause. I am sure that the people who are prepared to die are genuine believers.It is so easy to shout and condemn the outrages which are happened in the world on a daily bases.(All killing is wrong ) It is not so easy to come up with an answer. Self-right moral indignation,revenge,condemnation, racism ,ethnic,an eye for an eye,and many more politically correct statements coming fast and furious from the elected; all fine but what should we do why is history repeated itself over and over again.?

The truth is there is no one answer to this problem which has existed for thousands of years.,Most ,if not all countries on earth have been borne out of bloodshed.In 2016 my country Ireland is this year celebrating one hundred years since its inception.This involved the killing of innocent people ,on both sides,this is the nature of uprising and rebellion.I am not saying that there is not justifiable warfare,there is ,only look at the last war ,if the allies did not agree to fight Hitler the now may be a lot different.

I don’t intend to spend to much time on the legalistic of the subject.What I am interested in is to begin a process which would over time effect change .This in my opinion would be to return to the old value called ethics . What I am suggesting to begin the research which would eventually reach a point where all countries participate in the answers.I can hear the retraces howl in disbelief already ,OK but let me say this ,it has taken thousands of years to reach this point it will not be solved in a short time. The important issue is that a real start has begun.A universal chapter of rules of behavior and a clear understanding as to what the code is expected.This may take ,say ten years maybe more to achieve a rough draft ,so what .The future of the world is depending surely we can try.For the first time in history can we really value the human life.We are not perfect we have many failures let us bring it all failures included to the table ,then we really have began.If you the reader asking the question can I do something to bring the thought a reality,the answer is YES I can ,you are reading this blog so therefore you have began. With love and humility let us go forward.

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