The world we live in…

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The world we live in…

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il_570xN.673164586_lxxfIn a certain way the realities people experience are realities to the person who are experiencing them and unique to them.This is a fact of the human condition .We can argue against this fact (and people will) until the ‘cows come and it will not change an iota of what is.I am not examining the reason as to why people think one way or another they do .This is for another day and another argument.

What I am saying is the method of teachings ,in general ,is having the effect of making ‘clones’ out of the students and smothering the potential of the individual . History is enriched with great events and great art who were products of free minds. History is also abound with many countless millions of people who followed their leaders into the grave.

It is difficult to be positive about the future,and yet we go on and find somehow a reason to believe in the human. For thousand of years we have been disagreement about how we aught to live and which God we worship and in 2016 the political stalemate in many places is as a scene out of the dark ages.Perhaps the famous late philosophy and political thinker Hanna Aarrent that “there is a fault running through in the human condition2…


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