Where did all the promise go?

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Where did all the promise go?

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Arguably, not since the Cuba ‘missals crises’ in the sixties has the world been in such a dangerous place.Back then the divide was between two political philosophy’s ,the West.democracy, capitalism, and the u.s.s.r.Communism.
Two opposite belief system with a genuine conviction that each side were right.The two mighty powers faced each other in the time honored fashion that the ‘right of might’ ,and the Americans came out the victor.We in the West seemed to have the
Many things have been written about this part of history and many mistake,s were made on both sides.Communism has gone and the new emerge
young countries seen to be gathering a sense of independence.All seems calm on many front in Europe,and the future was full of promise.
This was in many ways a very special time to be young.John Fitzgerald Kennedy was president of America , Cassius Clay was heavy weight boxing champion of the world,Elvis Presley was no one in the hit parade,George Best was in his prime and revolt ,love and music was everywhere…..Where did all the promises go?

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