The unexplained killing

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The unexplained killing

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I despair the way we humans kill each other and make a ritual to justified it with marching bands or standing respectfully and solute a flag to the dead.War is barbaric and inhuman ,there is nothing about it that merits celebration and you would imagine that most right thinking people would detest the killing of a human being.
Taking a life seems to have been demoted as a priority for moral scrutiny. Perhaps the only institution that has it on the list of subjects are the religious ,and hence the interest to theology.

There is a theory out there that argues that there seems to be a killing gene in us and every so often we answer the duty to cull the herd.
Obviously the theory has no problem making the argument,as history is littered with senseless killing.The continues spats of killing children is so dreadful that it is difficult to see beyond the fact to assume that they are mad.

The truth is that they are not mad so the mantel health people need to put some tag on the criminal and study them under that medical identity.We assume that some of them are indeed ‘mad ‘however it is so easy to assume that a new malfunction in the brain exists and not look at the unthinkable ,that there is no malfunction.

Rhonda and the terrible geneside that accrued was such a bloodletting that it went beyond a over killing and it has never really been properly explained.
The over bombing of Berlin by a British general lead to him been charged with war crime. The Vianam war also showed killing that baffled the war harden generals.
Doctors show that it very difficult to kill someone and there are many research cases to support this case .


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