The Religions of the world…

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The Religions of the world…

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To attempt to try explain,understand or even properly present a case for or against religion is more than likely doomed to fail. So with that in mind I will explore the possibly of writings something without insulting anyone.The nature of the subject makes the former probably impossible.The approach to making a case for and against formal religions and leave you the reader ‘judge and jury’.
For references I will try and stay within the realm of people which I am familiar with.Theories such as Aristotle,Socrates,Plato St.Thomas Aquinas, Immanuel Kent and a few more which I will illustrate as I write.
The subject of religious is so that anything I write will probably have been said before, countless millions of word have been written and lectured and preached and continue to do so.Tens of thousand of people have died ,many tortured and kept in ignorance and isolation,all for the beliefs that the torturer or the tortured were right or visa versa. Yet despite the human cost and after thousands of years and advances on many human fronts the religious war continues.

The argument,both for and against,or who is right and who is wrong is not mine I will leave my own experience to one side so not taint the argument and I will only put forward the argument of others who are respected among their peers. Finally the subject has been studied by some of the most brilliant minds in history.The final answer is far from clear.


A starting point; (God Exists)
For a student beginning on this study there are two good starting points ,one is The Bible, old and new Testament and ancient Greek Philosophy.I mention the Greeks because Aristotle was used by the founder fathers as a reliable support in a philosophical perspective of the Christian tradition.(Aristotle of coarse was a Pagan) The seeds for the main great world theists arguably is in the story of Abraham. In those two subjects lie the footprints of the western world we live in today.
From Abraham along a direct line came Moses and arguably the beginning of the most influential writings ever wrote ,what came to be known as The Bible. This starting point is important for many reasons.Known as the The First Book of Moses or Genesis. This is the writings of the creation of the world and the most sticking point in all the difficulty’s in the subject and this was that God made the world ,now this was OK up to a point but that God made the world out of nothing was the problem .This problem has prevailed down the years to this day .Something out of nothing or faith and reason it has been known as many titles.
For the old testament and for the new testament believing this was not a problem.God always was and always will be ,all powerful and mysterious.Out side time God defy s a definition,and is unknowable .The story of the Bible is a very powerful drama and to the believers it is the word of God .

This chapter is about believe and the key word of believe is Faith .For the believer faith is a gift ,something given to them by someone else ,handed down ,a given.The study of this subject is Theology and the definition of theology is “Faith seeking understanding” So in order to strengthen the faith the faithful needs to practice the understanding of their religion .Theologians explain this process as ,when we make a action in faith then to support the act we need more faith and then more action ,and on it goes.It is only fair at this stage to explain to the reader that any significant part of this writing is supported with a whole cannon of writings,and it could be claimed it is supported one way or another by ten thousand years of recorded Bible history. Before i go to the argument God does not exist,I would like to give a no of writers names who were huge in the building the Christian churches we have today.

Possibly the first was St. Paul who was and still is one of the pillars of the church.9Let me say at this stage there are many great writers involved in compiling the “canon” too many to mention) The next writer possibly was St.Augustine (354-430) Well known in secular circles ‘Saint Augustine Confessions’ is a Classic. and is a good example as the sinner redeemed in a very human and earthy manner.”The sermon on the mount” St.Matthew is the turning point of the old to the new testament.For the beginner there are no excuses as the Liberians all over the world which will no doubt have whatever you need to support your religions persuasions and reaffirm your faith .Finally it would me wrong to omit St. Thomas Aquinas who succeeded to build a bridge between religion and Philosophy and left behind a huge amount of work included his proof of gods existence. Chiefly his theory of ‘the first move’ which has never been successfully disproved.


God does not exist;
The argument against the exist of god is probably not so old ,In ancient times practically every one believed in God .There were gods for everything ,god was blamed for all disasters and praised for benefits everything was down to god or the Gods.When things went bad ,plagues,famine or any such like God was taking revenge against sins committed which offended them .The wrought of the god had to be satisfied and this meant given of the bounty(which was a gift from god in the first place)animal sacrifice was reported in most places in the world ,and still does,to appease the Gods. This went to human beings been sacrifice to repair the harm and return the good favor .This superstition is in part still alive and well in some parts of the world.

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