The essence of the Artist ?

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The essence of the Artist ?

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Despite all the nonsense written and said about art and artists, art is created by artists and is different in many ways than craft.Somethings this is difficult to separate as in many cases the making of art can involve craft.In the old days the term artisan was applied.This term both separated the disciplines and yet complement both.

I needed to say this as it involves my profession , “blacksmith artist”. This term has been applied by the blacksmiths association in the UK and Ireland called B.A.B.A U.K. and in Ireland I.A.B.A. ( Irish Artist blacksmith Association)Both have a website for anyone who wish to learn more ?

Back to the subject.The argument on what is art and what is craft continues and no doubt will continue into the future . Many artists who work at making art often ‘blur’ the lines between the two terms.In many ways the answer is provided by the viewing public and over time the particular item is accepted.
Perhaps there is truth in the old saying that “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”

In my opinion the ultimate answer is in the one who is making the work and that answer is honesty.

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