The cold reality of the struggling artist…

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The cold reality of the struggling artist…

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All artists to some degree, struggle, be it financially,mental or emotionally and spiritual.The lot of an artist is the pain of trying to say something which oral language is not enough.(I am not speaking about the type of art which many people do ,as a relaxation practice,nor am i criticize it I am only separating it) ,Perhaps the artist of sound and the written word have a better chance of avoiding pain and frustration,but I doubt it.What is important to the artist is the work. However I really only know best about the visual artist.

For years I used the word craft as my identity.First I didn’t know what an artist meant and secondly my work was my livelihood and the chance of breaking out of the class(I am working class) was not a reality in Ireland in the twentieth century.This divide in Ireland was ,and to a great degree still is, a negative to the artists who are inclined to pursue their ‘God Given talents ,hurts and often destroys art and artists.
Today I am in a better place, both me and the country have moved on .My art-craft is still a reflection of who I am and who I came from.The only difference between then and now is am better at it and have expanded the art aspect of the work.
I had the pleasure one time to meet the late Noble Peace Prize ,poet Seamus Heaney.During the conversation some one asked him “what would you like to be remembered by” he replied
“I hope the work will be recalled and lives on.” as himself he put in a complete different category than the work,and of less important .I understood what he meant ,I (human) is finite, where as the work can last forever

. …

Many people have asked me how do I go about buying a piece of art,? On the subject of art as a financial investment there are a few guidelines.What is art? ,what does art mean to you?, how much should I spend? All these questions and many more are important to the potential investor.
If the client is interested in art as a investment only, than I would suggest to go visit galleys and compare prices and how any particular artist is selling.Read reviews on exhibition and generally go the professional road.

The art lover who have a small budget to spend is a slightly different subject.I suppose there is only one real yardstick ,and that is do I like the piece of art and can I live with it ? Do you like it,means has the work effected you ,has it moved you ,than this part of the deal is done ,the next is can I afford it ,buying art can be as simple as that.I have added this buy and sell piece because the artist cannot survive without you the client Talk again soon…


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