Tell me the truth,please ?

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Tell me the truth,please ?

Posted in : Uncategorised on by : Brendan Walsh Comments:

As this is a public media,than surely it has a duty to tell the truth? I write many blogs (over seventy) I have eleven thousand five hundred comments. Not ONE comment has has proved that they have read the particular blog. I am convinced going on the evidence that in fact nobody reads the writing for its own value ,rather to further their own agenda.When i wrote on this subject on an earlier post i was barred by the people that control the sites ,rather than convincing me that what i suspect was not true ,rather BIG BROTHER slammed down the power hammer .
So what is really happening on the internet. I will not claim as to what is really happening ,except to say, logically,3_smI challenge this claim in a logically ,scholarly ,method. (Is misleading a crime or is it only unethical ?

In ancient Greece the court condemned Socrates to death ,by twisting and manipulating the language ,the charge ,”For telling the truth”.

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