“Sunday morning coming down…”

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“Sunday morning coming down…”

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For those of us that are of a particular era the Kris Kristoffer song title would be familiar . The meaning of this classic song is the effect of the drug elation of yesterday and the feelings of emptiness the following day and that the promise has failed again . I find this feeling every year at about this time.Let me explain .For the Christian world the preparation of the Christmas celebration of the birth of Christ “The Savior” and with the time of “good will to all people”comes the promise of the new year or the future.Well It have news for all. The good news delivered from the divine is a myth and like all myths it is time to teach it as such.We make our own world and we are responsible of our own world.
It is time that we stopped “coming down” with disappointment that we have failed and somehow we are guilty. No we are not guilty we are in need of a new philosophy ? It is time to really reexamine the way (as citizens)we live in the world .

Different questions,different answers,perspectives,national and governmental brain storm.? The start of a real new beginning not another false start. An end to the “coming down” when the drug of Christmas high and the promise of a “happy and prosperous new year” ends. When the cold East wind of January cuts into the economical bone of reality,and the cycle continues.

I can hear some of my readers crying out “we need to celebrate ” yes we do need to celebrate (this is a different subject)The way I see it is ,we can celebrate when the one in five children are not going to school hungry or when the children of the working class are leaving school unprepared for the world that has been left to them by the powers that be .I would celebrate when the homeless were in a job and living in a house living a happy life,I would celebrate when the bankers and speculators who plundered my country
were brought to justice.I could go on but I rest my case,just to ask the question how can we begin to put right these wrongs when we seems not to know the meaning of the word justice,perhaps we could begin with a national debate on this key area. “What is Justice”(don’t forget the marginalize

Too much ,perhaps,well a more intelligent person than I said it similarly and that was Socrates when he claimed the student entering collage needed to unlearn all that went before.Wisdom comes from knowing how little we know.?

Ps. We criticize other religious believes, referring them as barbaric and we teach to the children that unless we “eat of the flesh and drink his blood then we will not be given life ever after” and we wonder why children are confused.

Ps. all art work including writing/sculpture/painting is executed by the artist Brendan Walsh.(brendansforge.com)

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