Reader asks “,Are you promoting something” I will answer.

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Reader asks “,Are you promoting something” I will answer.

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Having read my blog a reader asked a valid question “are you promoting something” ,and to tell the truth I had to stop and think about it for a minute ,but only for a minute ,I knew the answer.
In short I am promoting myself and for that I give no apology because I am worth promoting.
I will explain.Let there be no mistake I am promoting my website ( and the site enables me a vehicle to hopefully sell some of my product and live in the real world. What I refer as “my produces” are off me ,from conception to completion and on to the site and for sale.
The products are part of who I am, as is my blogging and is all the other interests I have.My writing ,my Blacksmith,my oil painting my sculpture all ascribe and compliment my philosophy ,which in an earthly physical way answers the question in a part of who I am.
I can add to the list that have just said ,there is a lot more that I could add to the list,maybe another day.My primary query is a more philosophical question of Who am i And what is the total of the sums as to the question . I am all and none off the above ,that makes no sense unless we push out the boat towards the big question
At this stage of the journey of self fulfillment and identification all I can say with any centenary is ,I am a man with a lot to say and a lot of questions needing answers.?

The human is made of two parts The Objective and the Subject .The external world and the internal world and harmony is the combination of both .When both coexist then we could say that we are beginning to understand the mystery of who am I . To finish by saying that the answer to the reader above “are you promoting something” the answer is both simple and complicated.Perhaps the more acceptable
answer is ,I don’t know.???

Ps.All art and craft work inc. writing has been executed by the artist.Brendan Walsh

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