Notes on vanishing ireland …

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Notes on vanishing ireland …

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Change is permanent ,this is perhaps one of the few undisputed truth. With change comes the very continues of our existence. So change also brings responsibility.According to scientific proven research, the planet as we know it, is standing on the very precipice of existence. Climate change,drought, melting icebergs, and starvation are ,or, becoming, boring ,to such a degree that we change the channel. Despite these on going dramatic statements, the everyday life of people generally means little or nothing.Particularly in the West we march on to the drum of modernity,at the back of our mind ,other important ‘high up’ people are monitoring the situating and they will keep us safe.Well I have news for you they have not been doing very well lately.

As I look back over my life and remember small so called areas which are gone forever


The image above is a piece I sculptured many years ago ,it is a section of a much bigger work and was commissioned to attract birds and insects .At the time it did not mean a lot to expect a piece of art .The thinking was inspired by the depletion of the Eco system and to inspire people to pay attention to the dangers of our separation from nature.

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