Making your own ‘wrought iron’ fire irons ?

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Making your own ‘wrought iron’ fire irons ?

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This is a ‘do it yourself’ class on making a wrought iron candlestick.I will try and make the stages do able for the beginner.
The first thing to ask is have you got a premises to work in,a back yard or garden?
This is the list that will do the job;

(1) A fire to heat the iron.(an old hoover reversed will do for the time been)
(2) An anvil or perhaps a heavy piece of iron to hammer on.
(3) Material,perhaps you can get some old scrap iron.
(4) Tools ,hammer ,chisel and hack saw.
(5) eye goggles, work steel tip boots,leather gloves.

This is the a minimum you will need to get you started and ‘wet your apatite’ for blacksmithing.I will give a blow by blow (no pun intended) instruction that will,allow you (if you follow my instructions) to achieve the goal.)If you are having difficulty send me a email and I will answer your problem.

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