Lies damn lies and stats.

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Lies damn lies and stats.

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Ireland is it the heat of battle of elections in a weeks time. The T.V radio and print media is fulled with the different political options telling us as to how to distribute the wealth of the country. The political grouping consists of four main parties and a united group of independents.

Conceitedly the year(2016) is the centenary of “the rising”,when represents of the political people ‘declared’ the right of the people of Ireland to decide on there own future and to break the link with England? What ever opinion we have about the action taken by the “freedom fighters” we cannot deny their honesty and integrity.This is where it gets

In approximately 2009 the economy of Ireland collapsed under the weight of corruption. This ‘corruption’ is in many ways easy to explain and have many examples publicly reported in the media and is in fact in the public domain. High standers in public office has been a political ‘hot potato’ since the economy collapse,and we can only hope that some message has been learned. Personally I doubt it ?

To confuse the people of Ireland still further ,the catholic church has been ‘torn apart’ with clerical child sex abuse. This took away the only national institution at which to look towards for inspiration.The church and the government have been for long working together that the people were left rudder less,and deserted.

Well nothing is more permanent than change, and given the importance of the year and the new young disillusioned voters next week anything can happen.The independent block of politicians who are united in protecting the ethical standard of the government will make a difference .It is been repeated ovor and over again that politics in Ireland will never the same again.


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