Ireland; ( historical stages)

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Ireland; ( historical stages)

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Many nations and peoples are arriving in Ireland every day. Research in the so called boom years(from 1998 to 2006 showed 92 difference countries were living in Ireland. Presumably it is still more or less the same, further with the situation in Africa and Asia it will increase as time goes by.This sudden input into the country effects “every thing”and without really noticing anything there are radical happenings all around us and we were not and are not prepared.At this stage there are the first or second generation of Vietnam people living happily in Ireland, this will repeat itself in the future ten fold.
Because of this and will add to the cannon of Irish history. I may have a slightly different angle on the subject,in dealing with small slices if time and keeping it simple It may appeal to migrants and to the less interested people like John Ford who he famously said “History is bunkum ”
So with the immortal saying of the famous ‘car man’ I will try to avoid the tag of boring or ‘god forbid’ “bunkum.
What prompted me to write on Ireland was that the history is enfolding at a faster pace than ever before,and the Ireland that was will quickly be forgotten or gather dust in a part of our conciseness, and in real time forgotten.Finally i will try and avoid the academic language and perhaps help the story of Ireland for the people learning English.

I will start the story in the so called dark ages or perhaps more accurately the second half of the medieval ages as there is more information known about and more material to work with , approx the 5th to the 10 century.I will firstly ,however spend a little time in the area of prehistory.The reason that this time (up to ten thousand years ago) is because it is more mysterious and unknown.Perhaps there is something in the Irish physic.

Chapter 1

What started the interest in pre. and ancient history was two archaeologists discoveries in two different areas in Ireland.One was a skeletal remains found in the area of Waterford. Tests proved he was approximately eight thousand years old and he was a hunter gatherer.The second was called the bog bodies,found in the midlands ,this body or remains were shown to be a person of importance ,possibly royalist.These two different people who lived in a land like I do similar in many ways only separated only by time.This prompted an interest that is alive to the present day.Who were they,what did they believe and where did they come from.
The origins of these people and those that were before them is clouded with the mist of time.Hints of these long ago civilizations abounds but how they lived in general we can only guess .
From the standing stones of Kildare to the hill of Tara,the home of the high Kings of Ireland. Grave passages dotted all over Ireland are are but a few of the testament to a ancient and rich heritage. This heritage used in the business of ‘making a nation’ is often a lot different than the historians version. The story told my the political arch
…To be continued

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