I… and the world …?

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I… and the world …?

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I am sure that a lot of readers are sick to death reading me going on and on about me me me,myself and I. It may appear that I see myself as the center of the world,they probably see me as someone who thing that the world owes me something and do I ever stop trying to complicate life, so chill out and enjoy.Stop trying to understood about the world what is not understandable? Why complicate life it is hard enough to exist and make it worth living in without you going on about life death the after life,philosophy, anthropology,theology,history and social issues.So if you insist on blogging than please give us a bit of light hearten,fun tinged and altogether a load of positive.Then we could go through the day with a spring in our step and a song in our heart.

Well I will try and answer my critics.My quest in my work. which includes the blogging,is a journey toward self understanding.I travel through life these days exploring the meaning of the existence of life and my place in it.It is a journey that includes the desolation of painful experiences in the past and the torture trying to reconcile whats gone the part of this I call recovery .As a result of this self searching I am now beginning to feel and see a degree of sanity and a life that offer’s an endless supply of knowledge on this new found life.The simple answer to what caused this agonizing life was lack of knowledge = ignorance = confusion.I could add other words to this but I am trying to avoid the conversation falling into the trap of
too much knowledge and resulting in hurting the writing,and I must avoid hurting any of my critics and my writing.

Cautiously, continually pursuing my goals or resting places on my journey I will rest and see have I learned anything.I have been thinking on the first chapter and have arrived at a decision I have nothing to apologize about,there are enough comedy’s in the world to amuse the people and they con help to make people laugh ,and that is good.To the others who feel the need to read me and put themselves into bad humor I would suggest to not read me, or, make a genuine argument and we can debate it,this is the way of the wise? It is true that life needs fun,joy, the food of the hearth and laughter the sound of happiness, I certainly need this.After all Shakespeare wrote “The worlds a stage and we are all actors …”

My research has shown that people are indeed actors ,acting out the lessons learned from an early time and often leads to a life of misery,but no one knows it better than the one who have been fortunately brought up with a good parent teacher and by people who not only knew and thought the lesson but also how important it was to show by example This theory is not guaranteed to deliver success ,there are many examples where children brought up in a good secure and loving environment,finishing up doing terrible things and failing measurably in life.Also the opposite children who lived a good and happy life after having been brought up in substandard conditions. I mention these example to balance the debate and leave the door open for other issues to be presented into the argument.But by far the result was for me that people who were loved and protected and also told what was right and wrong ,in a gentle persuasion way and exposed to the example in every day life ,reflect the lesson and more importantly they knew who they were.

The sad reality is that the lucky ones ,the ones that were born into this secure family rarely try to share their fortune.I don’t mean the ‘do good ers’ the people who like to be seen as charitable. No, I mean the people who go into politics and have a real position in life to effect change.I find it very difficult to understood these people as they do know. They know that the poor were not born into poverty by choice ,they were born into poverty as the result of a political system which I call corrupt. This is where it gets interesting.Many of these political people are products of the homes which I have been saying,so why are the government ministers still holding strong to the political system which has failed the poor. Is my theory doomed to fail ,I don’t think so,the middle class political politician is doing what his fore fathers were doing and this is the key.It is christian it is old it is the right thing to do,they are feeding the poor not changing the class and there is the Kern of the problem.




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