Happiness ?

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Happiness ?

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Happiness, it is probable the most sought after state in the galaxy of the senses. It is definitely the most difficult to achieve.There are a few truths about happiness.One is that it is not a permanent state and it is rare. Everyone wishes for it.It is difficult to define.Like love the word is misinterpreted. Every body has an opinion on it.It is generally accepted that been happy is a transient state,and the only constant state that is realistic is contentment.All the variety shades of the many states are experienced by all people in a life.Unrealistic expectations are the cause of serious confusion.What is happiness,has anyone ever thought about it.Is joy happiness or is gratitude happiness or is it love.There are many things that bring about the same effects relaxed,intoxicated,fulfilled,relieved,or any other states are capable of the same.

Has Hollywood distorted,words like love,to such a degree that it has mislead us to thing that there is a place of eternal “happy ever after”. Perhaps some people will think of me as a ‘prophet of doom’ or spoil sport but I do believe that to fill children with unrealistic promises is setting up trouble for the future.

A serious study of the term Happiness would benefit greatly by a quick read of the Greek philosopher Socrates.(469-399) One part of Socrates claims the term happiness as not achieved in our terms and if it is it is only rare and brief .Stating that it is in the hands of the Gods to hand out.

Socrates argues that for any contentment to be possible is in the cleansing of the mind and leaving open to pure unadulterated truth. By dialogue method Socrates teased out what people knew and more so by what they did not know. Over and over in the study Socrates (in my opinion) proved what people lived and operated in ignorance and what they claimed to know were at best twisted logic.Socrates was convinced that a state (he did not use the word happiness)of a higher state of consciousness was possible with a balanced and clear mind.Socrates is not a lover of the senses and claimed they distort the way towards peace and harmony.Socrates recommitted that the only entrance qualification to his Academy was that you knew nothing.This meant banishing any notions and started with a clear sheet.The Socrates method is still used today.

(Plato; The Last Days Of Socrates)Published by. Penguin Classics 1993

Socrates is one theory which is a very important start, however Plato /Socrates was followed by his student Aristotle.Aristotle disagreed with his master and with a more down to earth approach he respected the role of the senses and included them as not a problem towards progress.

All serious thinkers don’t easily use the word happiness,they tend to talk about fulfillment and contentment,and the study of ethics,and morals and the difference between right and wrong,as a prerequisite to potential.Good clear thinking and behavior are also in the top ten points to ponder. Library are full of books that contain the way to happiness but one thing is sure there are no easy answers to the Question of what is happiness.
If you thing that this a load of rubbish well perhaps you could take a word from our friend Socrates when he says “The unexplained life was not worth living”.

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