From my own experience.?

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From my own experience.?

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The world is changing at a speed unforeseen in the
past. Modernity in general and science and technology, is shaping a new world. Instant,is the demand of today.The world has become small,we click a button and talk to anyone any where on the planet. Many countries in the west are multi ethnically populated.The tolerance of differences is becoming a reality ,and the value of sharing areas such as culture,fashion,music,food language history and many many more are enriching the world.The benefits are endless.
The miracle of medicine is everywhere,the end of all known disease is in sight. We hop on a plane and travel to places unknown a short time ago. The benefits are many and are not finished rather it is speeding up.This is but a small sample of the positive of the world in progress. Food is been produced at such a rate that millions of
tons of food have to be dumped every year.How are we coping with this new world? The truth is that many of us are not. The stat show that many people all over the world are been left behind and unable to enjoy the advantages of modernity.

For many millions in emerging countries the benefits off the modern world is but a dream, and unfortunately many people don’t feel the right or are entitled.For many reasons this situation remains stunted and unchaining. This short essay is pointing out the fact that there is an alternative and they have a choice.The choice is enlightenment or education and the beginning is to realize that ignorance is the cause of poverty. This is or at least a starting point.


The origins of European Education;

I will begin with a brief factual account covering the general stages with regard European philological or mind set. I other words to understand how people at any stage in history think and believe.This if taken literally would probably take a life time so I will keep the detain as brief and I can and hope this alone prompts an interest for the reader to pursue it further

The ancient Greeks from approx. 500 BC.are a good place in history to begin the search. In those long ago time days there was not a country called Greece as we know it today rather city states and the area of interest to us is Athens.
Athens was the location of the first known educational center ,established by Plato (c.427-347 BC.) in the 4th century ad.

As nothing in life comes from nowhere.(the Christian may disagree) The Academy(387 b.c) set up by Plato is no exception as there were a tradition, and base, of philosophy thinking in Greece at the time and this was the beginning that began a new way of seeing the world and a way of thinking about it.Socrates challenged the establishment by use of logic and dialogue and if there was a key point in ancient Greece philosophy thinking this was it. Plato was responsible for interpreting Socrates whom he admired.

To avoid confusion ,which often happens with the Plato -Socrates narrative. There is an ongoing discussion between scholars as to Plato work and what Socrates said, in effect to the writer of this piece it matters little ,because we are dealing with two geniuses, and to use a modern saying they are both singing from the same song sheet.

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