Existence of God, according to Thomas Aquinas, don’t hang up. ?

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Existence of God, according to Thomas Aquinas, don’t hang up. ?

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It is argued that Thomas Aquinas (1224-74) has succeeded in marrying both philosophy and religion in his quest for the ultimate truth and the existence of God, and many people say he succeeded.  In his comparably short life, fifty years,  Aquinas wrote a massive canon of research in his search.
What is remarkable is that all the writings of Aquinas are property of other people.
Aquinas called on all the major writers, from many different times and subjects. Aristotle, the Bible, Plato, St Agustin, and a lot more to further his argument for the existence of God.
As it is with many great scholarly people Aquinas is a difficult read.
However when high theory is broken down it can be simply understood.

In a small and short piece I will try to do just that with Aquinas theory on the ‘first mover ‘   In his work Aquinas wrote a piece called “the five ways ” for the existence of God.  The first ‘way’ is called “The argument for motion” and this is the one that we are dealing with. Taking from the Greek philosopher Aristotle,  Aquinas observed in life that everything was in motion. When he observed that motion cannot activate itself and then the assumption is that something is causing it to move  and this mover itself is been moved itself.  You cannot have an endless string of causes,  that would be impossible and without end. This assumption is that there has to be a “first cause”,and the first mover is what we call God.

This argument is so simple and yet so amazing that it has survived almost 1,600 years without been disproved. It has been challenged yes, as is the nature of philosophy, but yet it stands intact.  What or who is the answer to the mystery and who or what causes the continues motion.  Especially in the beginning,  and there was a beginning,  who or how could something  come from nothing.  This questing again begs more questions. To the human, what is the nature of nothing, to put it another way if a tree falls in the forest and nobody is there to see it, does it make a sound?  think about it?

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2 thoughts on Existence of God, according to Thomas Aquinas, don’t hang up. ?

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    Hi Brendan

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      High Maggie , good to meet you on or in sabre space happy traffining

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