Essay writing ,not easy?

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Essay writing ,not easy?

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The most dangerous item in society is lack of knowledge or education.The answer to all the major problems on earth is lack of education. People who are dominated are kept in ignorance can be manipulated to obey demands of the wills of the few.In history ignorance was the secret of keeping down and people. Ignorance and brainwashing was the ,and still is,the most successful concoction to ensure that the people will not think for themselves and that is the ultimate both prison and freedom.This small piece of writing may inspire someone to act? Surely there cannot be anything more frustrating than needed to say something that is important to you and you cannot express it properly.So let us begin?

Having been away from college for a considerable time I tried writing again. creating writing, essays and
blogging. When I tried the essay writing, despite having achieved a degree and wrote many essays, I discovered my general disciple of all that I had learned I needed to refresh, or indeed re learn. on the age honored method of the academic writing.Writing an academic essay or indeed any academic writing generally is not an natural ability ,perhaps creation writing maybe.Academic is is a though and learned discipline.
During a lecture I attended in regards essay writing I recall the lecturer saying the easy part of writing an essay was the act of writing it. This I remember was the the first important clue to achieving writing an acceptable essay.

The implication in this statement was that the merit or lack of depends on the preparation of the project. This means the ‘topic’ and the ‘structure’. The essay like any conversation involves that we know what we are talking about.If you need to be heard in academia or in the company of knowledgeable company then we need to equip ourselves with knowledge to survive in the conversation.This means reading up on the subject,and the more reading we do the more we know.A caution note at this junction is to make sure that the writings is a acculturated author.The internet has many good pieces written about everything but all is not reliable. So check out your soars e before writing it into your work.One quick note here is t always ,when you quote from other writers be sure to credit them with the data and give details of the source. Book title ,name,page no and ch.Again all of this info. is free somewhere on line.
I will conclude with the promise to continue at a later date ,or if someone asks me to write more.This subject is not an easy task but in many cases it is a lesson worth learned.

All writing and art work is produced by artist Brendan Walsh

It is allowed to use the writing on this post any way you wish, provided you accredited the writer,thank you.


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