Education ,a human right ?

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Education ,a human right ?

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    I will begin this essay on a positive note in relation to education. There exists a movement called (E.F.A) or ‘Education for all Movement’. The goal of the movement is to try and educate all children and adults with a basic quality standard of education .The time goal set for this was 2015 ,and obvious they failed. They claim the reason they failed to reach their goal was the source of the finance dried up.Why am I not surprised ? The e.f.a still exist and for anyone that are interested I am sure there is a lot of information available on line. I am sure they are a very honorable movement ,although a little innocent.However ,that the goal is out there is
    encouraging. I wish it success.
    I wish it success for many reasons.
    Countries that the long term answer to the countless miseries which plague the poor can eventually be eliminate. .It is well researched that where there is literacy there is poverty and visa-versa.It is generally accepted that poverty and literacy is a problem in the developing areas of the world only. Well this is a serious misconception.
    When we in the West thing of poverty we thing of developing states or states at war and indeed failed states ,we think of Odessa of migrants traveling on foot across vast areas to escape from oppression and poverty.This is true and an on going problem,bringing injustice and devastation. We know this because the world press follows any story that is newsworthy and this is to be expected? This focuses us away from an equally serious social problem right on our doorstop.I will concentrate on this problem in my country,The Republic of Ireland.

    This year 2016 Ireland celebrates its 1916 “rising” .This event signified the beginning of the end of the English rule in Ireland. On the day of the rising Patrick Pierce one of the leaders read publicly to the people of Ireland ,and in hind sight to the world, a document known as The Decoration.This writing spells out the hopes and inspirations off the people of Ireland and for the people of Ireland. One line in this writing I find speaks directly to the argument I am making .The piece wrote…

    We declare the right of the people of Ireland to the ownership of Ireland ,and to the unfetter control of Irish destiny…

    During 2016 to celebrate the rising there is emphasis on all that is Irish. the Commentators from the hierarchical world of education political and religion are debating the effects of the “rising” on the shape of Irish society ,now and into the future. With some exception,there is very little time given over to the failures in Irish society.For example there are one child in every five going to school hungry,in hospital patients are left on trolleys in the corridors for long periods of time before they ate attended to, drug gang wars are at an all time high. This and many other inequality related issues leave Ireland with the gap between the rich and poor at an all time high level.

    When those learned people are considering the problem of children hungry going to school they might look at what France are doing. France has forbid the supermarkets to dump the slightly imperfect food stuff,and order them to offer it for sale at a reduced price.The UK are also considering it.There is enough food been dumped daily that would feed the country.

    In a more sober vein it also would be worth while to ponder the country in a early age. In 1845 there was enough food leaving the country to feed the British Empire.Food which could have avoided the famine. In 2016 there is enough money leaving the country to feed the European banks which could feed the children I mentioned above.

    This rough overview does not give a true picture of the quality of a large majority of the citizens of Ireland. The waiting times in hospital is twenty five times more for the poor as against the rich.People sleeping rough has increased to an alarming rate, home repossessions are an daily occurrence.There is sighs off social unrest which I have not seen before. However I will avoid the specifics and consecrate on the state of the nation,and what can be done, or is it more dark than I imagined ?

    Knowledge is power,and power is infectious ,another well known saying is ,power corrupts.Well taking this in mind and asking the question Why is there so much illiteracy all over the world ? In the ‘hollowed halls’ of learning the conspiracy theory by the left that that there would be a revolution against the upper classes is old ha. In the old days it was though not wise to educate the masses.
    Without adequate education there is very little poor people can achieve to improve their lot.The doors simply stay closed to the students who have dropped out and opened to the degree student or a student from the privilege classes.

    This sample of inequality are but a example alongside the ones mentioned above and surely it is but a clue to something wrong in any system whom allows to continue.If there is not a conspiracy than what is the reason for hungry children in a country which is the fastest growing in Europe.The answer is simple ,the system operated in Ireland is economy based and not social.Social is concerned with people and economy is concerned with profit.Th is subject is for another day as it needs serious research and analysis.I will return on another day…

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