Drug problem in Ireland…

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Drug problem in Ireland…

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The epidemic of drug abuse in Ireland is almost boring(except for those directly effected) . I will try and explain .For as long as people can recall there have been ,reports and promises, outcry and political promises. The promise to “win the war against drugs”,and on and on. Thirty years on the situation is ,the war on drugs,according to the police ‘lost’ The illegal drug business is run by twenty gangs of organized thugs. Drug addiction has increased alarmingly and there is awaiting list in drug rehab. centers.In this short piece on drug abuse in Ireland it is not possible to explain the overall effect on society in general,nevertheless i would like to complainant the people that are involved in the drug problem solving work This been said, there seems to have accrued in the country a very unusual situation,which I find somehow disquiet.It is difficult to articulate in understanding the exact nature regrading the drug problem in Ireland,however. I will try?

Illegal drugs and perspiration drugs are corroding the very soul of young men and women throughout the length and breath of the country. The teachers of the children know it,the Gerda know it and most importantally the public representative know it and finally (if the democratic system works ) the relative government department know it. If the above is correct ,and it is , than the Government of Ireland with all the arms of the elected government, expressing the wishes of the people of Ireland,cannot solve the problem than there is ,(fact by logical deduction)something terribly wrong.

When one asks the authority questions with regards the above what can we do to help the situation.You will be told ,there is a different ‘drug force’ to cover the most district in the country.that information literature is widely available in all public places.You would be told that teachers are asked to report any suspicion behavior to the appropriate authority.In a nutshell all questions are answered and all queries followed.Then this leaves a very scary situation?

The cancer that is rampant in Ireland is controlled by twenty psychopathic gangs of monsters, and the country cannot or will not handle it.? The bureaucrats who hold the responsible of the recovery programs are buried knee deep in bureaucracy that they are powerless to effect change. Lost in the mountain of paperwork are the suffering addicts. Surely some where someone can call a Holt and say enough is enough.It is time to stand back and take a new look at the problem and work from a new programmer.This programmer needs to begin,right is right, and no amount of twisted logic can change this ethical fact.So with this in mind may the people of power sees the light of justice and act.

ps. All writing and art on this post is by the owner and artist Brendan Walsh

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