Doubts 2

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Doubts 2

Posted in : Uncategorised on by : Brendan Walsh Comments:

A viewer asked me to write a piece on the post I wrote some time a’ go ,I will try. I refereed in the last piece called “Doubt…” and in it I attacked the whole of ‘internet land and sober space in general. I felt angry and frustrated by the new world of the new science of social media and the of the word conversation. I felt that ,on the contrary to the freedom of speech claimed by the media moguls I was been manipulated and controlled. This perspective of loss of control was the source of the frustration.
I am not apologizing for the outrage as I would like to see more users speaking out of the loss of freemen. Perhaps we need to make a subject of the internet generally and social media specifically.There are many areas of the subject that comes to mind.
At the top of the agenda ‘bullying’ comes to mind. Speaking to a young person recently i was informed that bullying has become a lot more subtle,a well crafted post can effect many people and the sender cannot be blamed as the insult can mean many things and meant for many different people. This disgusting trend is only possible when the sender has information to target the victim with ,and this is the crux.

The simple answer must be to train more people to police the internet,but the problem is that to train extra police to save children ,in many cases from death, costs money and are the rich moguls prepared to do this ,i doubt it ,this would effect the profits. If enough people apoke up and hit it where hurts, money, then and only then something would happen.If more people cared ?do you?


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