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The ‘new’ world of social communication is leaving me cold and afraid for the future. The internet world feeds into the instant satisfaction of a population hungry for instant reward. The world wide web has created both the disease and the antidote ,but not a cure. Perhaps to accuse the internet off creating a scam off biblical proportions might be a bit rough ,however let us look a bit further.

May I begin by say this post is not a total condemnation of all the achievements of modernity(including the internet). The achievement is so great in improvement in everyday life that it would be foolish of me to do so.We have come a long long way since we lived in caves. My focus is an attempt to tie down the basic faults of the new social media in regards to the formation of the minds into the future(and present). In a word I will ask the question have we,in our rush towards an easier life, throw the baby out with the bath water?

I will begin the argument on a global level and the effects on the world we live in. Planet earth is a small part of a system in the universe and the word system is the key to understanding how the universe and include our earth work. From the most inconspicuous life system to the theory off infinity there is a system and it makes sense to assume that all that is are connected and interdependent. If this is true ,and there is enough research to suggest that it is, than we are heading for disaster.

There is something very strange and dangerous going on the world we live in. We have the commutation ability to analyze any problem we have and whatever detail that we need all we need to do is touch a button.For example today (without really listening). I heard the box in the corner saying that there are one in every nine people in the world go to bed hungry,also that there are 65 million people dislocated and that there are 50 percent children under 18. This is the worst it has ever been.We here this news and more ,do we think it could be me? or have we lost or losing the ability to really care.

We are poisoning the rivers the forest and finely the water table , and effecting all that live in the world.What happens to all the systems that have been effected. Is there a morbid sense of self rightness or are we slowly desensitized ourselves and thereby destroying our most valuable human attribution,empathy?

I admit that I am at a loss as to the answer.A new generation is lounging in the armchair and texting rubbish all over the world. As the war on drugs is lost so is war on the computer crime in lost.I am in danger of losing the plot so i will leave this end and open,and perhaps return to it again in the future …if there is a future?5BE6E574

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