Blogging ,what does it mean ?

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Blogging ,what does it mean ?

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[huge_it_portfolio id=”1″]Recently a convert to blogging I think it is time to take a step back and have a serious look at what this blogging is all about and what does it exactly mean to me.First and foremost people blog, and I blog because I can, and we can because it is available.Simple but not enough.? I will not be going into what is good about blogging and all the offspring of the communication and instant available knowledge , explosion. The for and against the whole computer effects is amply dealt with by the industry itself.I probably will continue blogging despite what my findings say ,and that is the nature of the animal.

The area I am most interested is the effect on the very young.We the adults make it a joke,remarks like “they were born with the ability to operate the computer”. The truth is they were not born with any more or less than any other generation, we taught them and we are responsible.

As an evolving species (human) has the young child the capacity to deal with the speed that the computer is feeding them.? or at what price to the child? Can the speed that the computer industry produces match with the rate in development with the growing maturing child. Is it normal ,for the child to keep up what area of the child needs to be neglected.Are we prepared to risk the future of the next generation,and future generates, to satisfy our need for useless information.No doubt the answers will come back to haunt us in the future.Then as always the answer will arrive in hindsight.

As I said earlier I will keep blogging and criticizing. I suppose the answer is simple ,at least in part, the computer is here to stay ,deal with it ???

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