Beginning again?

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Beginning again?

Posted in : Uncategorised on by : Brendan Walsh Comments:

I have been away from the computer for a long time and I am back to try and understand the social aspect of the world.(according to social media)?
Blogging ,or writing as I prefer to call, I find the word blog somehow insulting to the noble art of the written word. However this is probably just me showing my age. Blogging or writing,is for me a addiction.I sick myself indulging it and then ,when I feel good again I go back for more.Love it or hate it ,it is with us to stay .From the President of America to the four year old child in anywhere in the world ,messages are flying around the globe with very little control and no borders.So what it is ,is neither good or bad it just is ,and it is here to stay.

On a more serious note the art of talking writing blogging or sign writing and communication seems to be the key to success ,the need to be understood or heard has never in human history been so intense .The question I would like to ask about is have we learned anything at all as regards the human relations with each other ? Let us DE-clutter ourselves of all the gadgets we have come to depend on and listen to the voice within, before it is completely owned by the gods of science and technology.

This subject is important to me so depending on the comments I may continue and bring it to a higher level.I humbly as that those who read this to comment ,negative or positive, because I need the feedback?

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