Art as a universal light…?

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Art as a universal light…?

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Art,good art, is a universal language ,a universal statement,beyond the social boundaries that restrict the citizen who habituates within its border. It is not restricted to a language or subject,who could not be touched listening the ‘great Chruousa’ singing “O holy night” .The song is a Christian story about the birth of Christ ,and yet ,not understanding the language or the story the effect is above, and beyond both. Despite it been recorded approximately one hundred years ago it is still magnificent.
So using this simple example as to the question is what is Art and more puzzling is what is “it” saying. All Art and especially great art move people to great heights,and encourages people to aspire them to achieve their potential.This can only be positive?and is in general encouraged. I will return to this ‘given’ later,now I would prefer to look at the otherness of art.

‘Otherness’ is a word that seems to describe what is not possible in language to sufficiently deliver, and introduced to the conversation the mystery that is in art.In all city’s and in most places in the world boost a national gallery and millions view the exhibitions for the year round,and its usually free to view. What is that all about? why do ordinary people feel the need to visit a gallery and look at paintings hanging on a wall? Why do governments in many countries give special considerations to artists.This financial cost is encouragement and supported by the voting population.

Many great writers have struggled with this subject and all succeeded and failed.By this I mean that to try and explain the ‘what is art’ question is both success in trying and the answer, by its own nature is fail.The dynamic of are is not of this world ,or at least not available to the us ,we admire ,we are moved and we are left with a definite sense of something happening and the feeling is inevitably good and positive.

To begin art or an art piece is unique and is conceived in the mind of the artist. Well, that’s fine what exactly is meant ‘from the mind’ perhaps the art piece is started by a memory or inspiration from another. Well that starts the work but from this the work seems to go into nowhere land This is the point that it gets strange. It is well established that everything comes from somewhere and something.This includes the beginning of the world.// Well hold on ,the eternal question ,where did the world come from? is still not explained and there is every chance that the answer is not possible ,at least by the human.So where does the original inspiration comes from,the mind,/what is the mind,many psychologists claim that there is no such thing as the mind?
The dictionary definition of ‘mind’ states “the part of a person responsible for thoughts,feelings and intention.” (Collins ;Students Dictionary”. How vague is that explanation?. Where in the brain does creativity come from and how does it get there in the first place as it is unique? I don’t know the answer to those questions and honestly I don’t want to know. The mystery of the originality of art has a mystical quality which suggests divine intervention or at least divine inspiration.Perhaps that’s all we are capably of knowing and that in all I need to know for now.Enjoy your art and see you later?

Art work by Site owner and artist Brendan Walsh

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