An apology ?

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An apology ?

Posted in : Uncategorised on by : Brendan Walsh Comments:

Having launched into the wonderful world of blogging and writing at the speed of a galloping horse I am embarrassed by my careless grammar. Only now am I doing some proof reading, if that is the right word? and finding all the mistakes. So I apologise to all the followers and any one who have read my work. I will be more careful from now on.

The reason for the messy writing is simple arrogance. I am third level educated, and also completed a course in essay writings and English. I cannot blame ignorance so the problem is not ignorance. The reason then is lack of mental discipline and attention to detail. With that said, here’s to a new beginning.

It is the 14th of 2015 and Europe is reeling in the after shock of the worst atrocity committed in France since the last war. Located on the edge of Europe, Ireland (where I live) there is a sense of helplessness and a fear which I had not experience before.

Perhaps the fear I feel is related to the fact that in the recent years I have studied theology. For the first time I am aware that we Muslims, Christian and Jews the 3 main monastic religions all have their origins in the same Book, the Bible.(The Old Testament).

What happened in France, America and many places in the far east is similar to many stories in the Bible. Surely at this place history wise, learned people from all the interested parties could get together and make a start to reconcile. Not to try, seems to me not an option.

To finish with a quote from the Bible, if we apply the saying to solve any problem this is what happens ‘An eye for an eye’ we end up with a world full of blind people.

Finely I would like to convey my sincere sympathy to all the victims and their family of the horror in Paris.

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