An Apology ?

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An Apology ?

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This blog is by way of a thank you to all that have taken the time to read what I have to say.I have had a lot of encouragement,and wishes of good luck for the future.I have also had constructive criticism which I am grateful.Perhaps I should tell the public exactly how I came to blogging,and trying to write in general.After this you may better understand the writings and perhaps have a little more sympathy for my endeavors (well maybe empathy.)

I left school in 1965, an experience I can only describe as a disaster .I learned almost nothing and what I did learn was useless for life .Compulsory Irish language and religious instruction was what seemed to spend most of my time.I gave a little piece regarding the social history of Ireland at the time in my intro.for the site . To make a long story short I suffered a heart failure in 2005 and was admitted for major surgery.

This was a life changing event. As I could not physically work I then applied for and was accepted for ‘return to learning,’ with a view to go to college. With a lot of hard work I was accepted to NUIM Maynooth in 2007.At the beginning of the third year ,my graduated year, I suffered a stroke and spent the next year in rehab.I graduated in 2011 double Anthropology and Philosophy. however the fun was not over yet I suffered a further two strokes in 2013 and 2014.The reasons for the strokes seems to have been identified and treated.
I am working full time doing what I have been doing all my life, making art and craft and long may it last.All the produced you see in the site and on the blog have been made by my own hands.
Brendan (

One thought on "An Apology ?"

  • Jean Francis 24th November 2015Reply

    I have been intrigued and felt an immediate connection to your writings here on leaving school early and finding your way back to education. Your writing here begins with a very powerful statement ” an apology” One can only admire how you use this statement, not unlike, if I may add, Socrates speech as he attempted to defend himself to his accusers. Furthermore, and in keeping with The train of thought around “apology”. You mentioned leaving school early, and briefly the dreadful experience of the school system, such as being “schooled” and its usefulness of coping and striving in the real world. In ending here, I would like to state, that it is perhaps you that is owed an apology from a educational system, that has more often than not, silenced rather than encouraged the voices and talents of Irish artists, it is therefore a privilege and a learning to read your blog, please continue. Jf.

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