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America, the land of the free…

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I love America, or to be more precise I love the idealism which portrays America. The “United states of America” to give it its full title, like many states, if not all,are an experiment and have no guarantee they will succeed. Constructed on idealism,promises, and hope for the future. Nations including America are like many states through out the so called free world built on the ability of the people to trust in the future.So let us examine has the dream “the land of the free” worked,or is it failing or has it failed?

To approach this question I think it is important to briefly address the area known as America or the ‘new world before the European conquers discovered it. The vast lands of the Americas were ,until recently, occupied by Americans natives .This race ,of which despite all the research that has been done,little is still known.It suggested that the people of the west are suffering a case of guilt for the way in which they’ treated the so called Indians.From north tip of Canada to the vast area of the south ,there existed many no. of peoples and civilizations.The most common agreed no. of nations is 500 and the no. of different languages varies from 800 to 1,800.If we go back in time a comparable short time say 500 years and try and imagine the world of the Americas in this time. We can get a good idea of a completely different world ,perhaps a ‘free world’?.

I am writing this(the above) to encourage the reader to keep in mind that behind the success called America there is a history that is less than glories.However as is a fashionable saying ‘we are as we are’ and America is as it is.The united states of America in the beginning welcomed the down trodden and the poverty,to day a president candidate is talking about building a wall to keep them out. A policy to medically ensure the ongoing health of all the citizens was watered down to such a degree that it is unrecognizable as to the original paper.Is this the beginning of the end of the what the “Founder Fathers” intended.

If I get encouragement I will return to the subject…

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