Am I a Christian and if not what?

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Am I a Christian and if not what?

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In the world we live in it is important to take a serious and public inventuaty of my self,in general and religiously. I was baptised and received fonformation as A soldier of Christ?(perhaps the wording has changed in recent tomes) I am alreadey in trouble with the wording of the church.Is this wording “soldier” or is it modified ,I dont know? In my early years I was a “good Catholic boy but as the years went by I slipped away and today I dont know am I accapeted into the Church,probably not?
The history of Christianany has many splinter religions. unless we have been told a load of lies then the man Christ of Nazarath was a remarkable man ,but the big questions remains ,for me,is He the sun of God; did He rise from the dead,For many years I have been searching for the truth or any truth,and so far I have found nothing that logically I can take in my hand and say ,yes this is what I believe in and this is my saviouer.

As any serious searcher know there are no logical answer to the key words to belief. The key word is faith and faith and reason are uneasy bed mates.So this is the problem. As a human being I do not have that capatity to hold an unprovable statment and believe it “faith”.I have read a lot on the subject and I can admire a lot of the early followers and the many people that have come after them.
I am a human I am a spiritual person I am an intellall person and I am a confised person .If God made us why did He not give me or us the capisity to understood these mysteries. For me, the question of wwhere did the world come from is an open question and in my opinion ,unanswered.

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