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My name is Brendan Walsh and I am an artist/craft man from Co. Kildare Ireland. I came into creating craft or making art not out of artistic inspiration or any other elevated privileged position, but rather because of a depressed economy and the need to earn a living.

When I finished technical school at sixteen I worked at a variety of jobs. I was eventually offered a position in a car assembly factory and this position included the opportunity to ‘serve my time’ as a fitter  (that was another name for metal worker). This situation I found myself in, I disliked from the first moment and continued to dislike it for the next ten years.

To compound this depressing work life I was introduced to a material called steel and this ‘love hate’ material relationship continues to this day. More specifically, to retain a degree of sanity I needed to shape this cold, hard, soulless material into some shape which connects to the part of the human, that at least, is pleasant to look at and at the other end touches the emotional lives of people.

However to return to the cold reality of my journey I was saved by the country joining the European Union, as the car assembly business collapsed and I was made redundant. With the exception of a few years I have been working and self supporting since the seventy’s.

In recent years I have went back to Education and completed an honors degree in anthropology and philosophy @ N.U.I.M Maynooth

I have come a long way over the years  and I have learned many lessons and made many mistakes, but my journey continues.

What makes good art or craft is an on going debate but the old adage, 2% inspiration and 98% sweat holds true from my experience.

For me, the real test of value regarding art and craft is the public. True to this statement I will not be talking a lot about my work but rather about my life’s experiences, which to a large degree shapes the artist and the work…