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Posted in : Uncategorised on by : Brendan Walsh Comments:

I am asking the reader to be tolerant.I am a frustrated blogger and trying to blog myself out of this quicksand of uncertain and avoid been ‘over my head’ in confusion.Basically my problems are the lack of the ability to express my point of view in such a fashion that it “makes a different” or satisfy myself .I am tormented by the degree of injustice in the world and as the way of the world is, it spreads. People that are suffering the cancer of dissatisfaction spread and effected all the other facets of the world.Tolerance is what I asks for ,tolerance is what I need ,both from others and from myself.
Basically I am asking the reader for tolerance of ignorance,my ignorance. This clears the explosive tensions which builds up within me and helps to unblock the channel ,to some degree, of calm.

At least this ‘calm’ gives me a space to ask exactly what do I want to know and maybe where do I go to find the knowledge.If I can muster enough patience to organize my mind then I will find my answer.Patience is one thing but endurance is another. When i have found the source of the knowledge I was seeking then i realize that the answer is not as easy as ‘yes’ and ‘no’ but it involves doing something.In most cases it involves ‘asking’ and humility is not something i am good with?
This ‘problem’ has started out asking a questing? and now it seems to be asking more questing s? From this humble few lines it appears that there is an answer to my problem.It(the blog) is suggesting that to tolerate ignorance and understand ignorance ,both in myself and in other people is a very healthy beginning.
For as long as history has been written dominate people have been using knowledge as a weapon.Early ,and maybe not so early ,’social control is fueled by both ignorance and knowledge.I would like a feed back from the reader and see if the message is been heard.Writers need to be read ,speakers need to be heard and in doing so perhaps the unseen,and the unheard can get their days in court.Whats all for the moment.

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