Where the fairies live

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Where the fairies live

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This land holds the secret of eternal life.Yates ,claimed it houses the lost tribe of “changelings” .Other countries have different names ,goblin,fairies and as such ,but Ireland is the land of “the little people”. this is the nearest to the truth.For thousands of years the generations knew and respected the existence of the colorful creatures.I use this term advisedly because although they are like us ,they are not human.
If the traveler takes his time and goes to the old bogs and forests and stands still at midnight they may be lucky.From midnight to 3am is known as the witching hour (the witches are a different class and we can visit it later) and if they pay attention ,allow their mind go away into the dark they will be visited with the night people. They will not wish harm on you but beware they hold ancient powers and if provoked they can be dangerous,and curse the offender.The curse cannot be reversed as the antidote is ,like a lot of history of the little folks,lost in time .

Well that’s all for now ,happy traveling and every time you hear about the destruction of the bogs of Ireland thing of the “changelings”

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