A little bit of sanity…

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A little bit of sanity…

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To keep my sanity, I somethings need to stop and examine.This brings up questing s as to where I am going and more importantly where I am at and how I got here?.
The mad rush through life is for me a mirage ,because every time I go on a ‘rush of blood to the head’ I get it wrong. This may be an attempt to get rich quick,find the love of my life or any other quick fix ‘sensual’ driven mad notion.

At this stage I usually call into play,my past experience,my academical knowledge and ,particularly my interest in philosophy.I have been doing this for years and every time it work,sometime well and other time not so well but every time it puts a stop to my’ dash to destruction’.

How does this work ,what exactly do I do,and what is the outcome? In many ways it is simple and works with those who have the capacity to be truthful.I don’t mean that as a moral judgment only as a mental limitation.However it is necessary to be truthful about ourselves.This starting point is critical to establish where we are,and often a friend is a bonus.
The trouble about life been out of control is that we,I, cannot see what is happening and a friend who you have the permission to call a stop and take a overview of the situation. A good friend and confidant can indeed respond to the ‘fire fast’ questions in such a way that we find what is wrong ourselves.Example; “Why is my life in a mess and I cant control it” response ” so you are telling me that your life is out of control” .This is the problem nailed and owned by the person with the problem,and this is the beginning of the end of the problem.
Questing such as, am I talking to the people I ought to be talking to ,am I doing what I ought to be doing, am I saying what I ought to be saying ,am I where I ought to be.? These are a few leading questing s when asked and answered I would expect that the person in question would at least know
what is needed to do.Pretty soon the parson could than return to “a little bit of sanity (that could be me)
Comments welcome…blacksmith1

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