Can you trust the artist ?

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Can you trust the artist ?

I am making art and craft for a long, long, time and in recent days  I have been thinking   about the theory off art and all its effects. As I am sure most readers know that art ,or at least good art, is and has a language . From pre. history times art has been the means of saying things that the spoken word cannot and this truism holds to the present day.                                                                                                                                    I am making the argument  that going on this pretext   the artist or craft person  has  the responsibility to themselves, the art or craft,  and the world itself .  This is where ethics and self truth  comes in to play . This ethical question can be applied to all life and in many ways it is involved in everything we do , but I will try and keep it within the bound of the subject in question ‘ can you trust the  artist ‘ This is a difficult question and I will try and clear the confusion around it .


I will begin with the piece of art itself and take it from there.  No piece of art will satisfy all. The true test of art is time and the general public. In the history of art this has proved to be  true.  This piece of information may not seem to be of any value to the  viewer and potential buyer ,in my opinion it  is . The first ‘must ‘ in making a decision is that you like it and looking at it gives you pleasure ,the second is that you are making an informed choice. This is when it gets a little challenging . You need to  know a little about the artist (or a lot ) I will not  spend a lot on this point as it is self descriptive , The next chapter I hope will explain in more detail.                                                                                                                                       This leaves us with the artist. The way to judge a piece of art is those the artist seem to be comfortable with his/her work, what their  body of work has to show to their credit, how many pieces has they sold ,are they under charge or over charged , In short nothing comes from nowhere and this art piece you are looking at is not an exception.

If the artist is in touch with his or her creative side and apply themselves with a simple agenda